What is a champion?

Why does Home for Good have champions?

Very early on in the life of Home for Good, it became clear that the best way to make the vision a reality was to engage passionate people across the country. People who are passionate about fostering and adoption are in a perfect position to encourage their churches to consider the need for adoptive parents and foster carers and help the church become a welcoming and supportive environment for children and families.  We decided to call these amazing, passionate people 'champions', and began to connect them to us and each other to form a nationwide support network.

There are currently more than 300 champions in our network. We would love for every church to have a Home for Good champion, advocating fostering and adoption in their church.

What is the role of a champion?

The role of champions is to have a voice in their church to help to make the vision of Home for Good reality. This is primarily to encourage their churches to be welcoming places for families and help their churches see the need in their community for children to be placed into homes for good.

This role looks different for every champion in each local and church context. We love the fact that champions are passionate about profiling Adoption Sunday in their churches. We have seen champions link adoptive parents for peer-support, and families together for meals or days out. We've seen champions be creative in supporting us financially. Church communities are walking with adoptive and foster families as part of our annual fundraising campaign. It has been amazing to see these ideas become part of church life.

We are beginning to hear stories of friends who are adopting or fostering, or people who have decided to adopt or foster after recognising the need through a Home for Good champion.

Rose's Story

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The Robinson's Church's Story

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