Our Vision and Values


Our vision is a home for every child who needs one. We want every child to have a stable, loving home where they can thrive. We know that for children in care, it’s crucial to find the right placement at the right time - whether that’s a short-term foster placement in an emergency, a long-term foster placement or a new adoptive family.

Currently, this isn’t always possible. In the UK there is an urgent need for more than 7,000 foster families and there are not enough people coming forward to adopt children who wait the longest for adoption - children over the age of four, with additional needs, from black and minority ethnic communities and who are part of a sibling group. We believe the Church is well-placed to ensure that every child has the home they need, and that families that foster or adopt receive the support that they need.

As we work to make our vision a reality, our four goals point us in the right direction and shape everything we do. We want:

Churches in the UK to understand their mandate to care for vulnerable children, to have a deeper understanding of the theology of adoption, hospitality and caring for the vulnerable, and to take action.

We call this spiritual pacesetting and it is at the heart of all we do, because our faith is the foundation for our work. Our role is to be a voice within the UK Church, to ensure that fostering and adoption is on the agenda. This goal makes the other three goals possible: through the increased engagement of the Church we aim to see an increase in finding homes, support for families and involvement in political advocacy.

Christians to step up to become adoptive parents or foster carers – particularly for children who wait the longest for adoption and foster children for whom there is currently the greatest need for foster carers. 

Through our work finding homes we run campaigns to inspire people to consider fostering and adoption, dispel myths that prevent people from applying, and raise awareness of the specific needs in the UK. We then have a range of services and programmes that help people have a positive journey from the moment of inspiration to the point of placement, and beyond.

All Christian foster carers and adoptive families, along with those thinking about it and in the assessment process, to be able to access the support they need so they can overcome hurdles, be resilient, and thrive.

Supporting families starts with inspiring and equipping churches to provide wrap-around support to those that foster or adopt. Our networks of champions, churches, local movements and online hubs create spaces and opportunities for foster and adoptive families to support one another. As we identify specific needs, we are able to create targeted programmes to enable support.  

To be an authoritative voice on looked after children, fostering and adoption in the UK, and influence policy to create better outcomes for adoptive and looked after children and those who care for them.

In our political advocacy work we seek to represent Christian foster carers and adopters, to be a voice for vulnerable children, and to champion the role of the Church in society. Our role is to join or spearhead coalitions to tackle issues that we are well-placed to address. We influence change by raising awareness of issues, building relationships, and offering solutions.


Our values shape our team, the work we do, and how we do it. We are...

We are passionate about finding the best possible homes for children – homes where they will thrive. The needs of the children always comes first. We see potential in every child – and are always hopeful.

We are full of faith – it is our faith that motivates us and we have faith that change is possible. We see the potential in the Church to make a difference but do not expect preferential treatment. We talk about our faith openly and we are prayerful.

We are searching for new and creative solutions, we are quick to try new ideas and we are a dynamic team able to respond to current needs. We see opportunities and possibilities. We talk about what could be and then we do everything we can to get there.

Our approach to work is...

We know that together we can achieve so much more. We dream together, we make decisions together and we work together. We celebrate diversity, respect differences and are generous with our ideas.

We are hopeful and excited by the opportunities. This means that although we are honest about the challenges and frustrations, and will never give the impression that fostering and adoption are easy, we focus on what can be done to make things better.

We are professional, invest in training and ensure a good level of understanding. We are eager to learn from others and work with those with experience and expertise. We enable people to play to their strengths and always go above and beyond.

Yeovil Family Church

Yeovil Family Church has hosted Adoption Sunday for two years, and has seen families choose to foster, adopt and support.

The Brownlees

Ivan talks about his experience of adopting siblings.

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