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Staff team

  • Amy Burns

    Amy Burns

    Communications and Content Manager

    Amy was previously head of content for an online magazine and loves to use words to encourage and inspire. As an adoptive mum and best friend of foster carers, Amy is passionate about caring for vulnerable children and ensuring that those who do so are seen and supported.

  • Jez Chalmers

    Jez Chalmers

    Project Manager

    Jez has previously worked for United Christian Broadcasters as a radio presenter. Alongside his wife, he thoroughly enjoys the adventure of parenthood with his 3 children and is passionate about seeing children find homes for good.

  • Emily Christou

    Political Advocacy Manager

    Emily previously ran the Westminster office of a Member of Parliament and the Westminster Commission on Autism. She is passionate about enabling the voices of vulnerable children and those who care for them, to be heard by policy-makers. Emily lives with her husband in Kent.

  • Malini Colville

    Malini Colville

    Northern Ireland Lead

    Malini began her working life as a primary school teacher, and has led children’s ministry for over 20 years. She has had the privilege of adopting three children and is excited to see adoption and fostering be put on the Church’s agenda.

  • James Copeland

    James Copeland

    Business Development Manager

    James and his wife are foster carers. James gets excited about the potential of the church community to care for vulnerable children. Previously he has worked for a charity helping young people into employment, a central London church and the UN Refugee Agency.

  • Hannah Fillier

    Hannah Fillier

    Administrator and Enquiry Officer

    Hannah graduated in International Development. She worked with vulnerable children for 10 weeks in South Africa and spent four months as an intern at STOP THE TRAFFIK. Her family’s journey with fostering – and now adoption – began with Home for Good.

  • Rupert Garnett

    Rupert Garnett

    Regional Development Manager (South East)

    For ten years Rupert supported Further Education colleges around issues like youth unemployment and special educational needs. He has also worked as a youth leader in church and has a Master's in Theology, Politics and Faith-based Organisations.

  • Alice Green

    Alice Green

    Fundraising Project Manager

    Alice is a Modern Languages graduate, who has worked for a charity which works with young people affected by sexual exploitation. Her family are registered foster carers and she is passionate about lives being transformed and restored.

  • Phil Green

    Phil Green

    Chief Executive

    Phil is passionate about seeing the church inspired and resourced to live out the gospel and make a difference in society. He is chair of trustees of a little bit of HOPE, a charity that works in rural Uganda, and has been involved in Home for Good since the beginning.

  • Claire Hailwood

    Claire Hailwood

    Support Manager

    Claire is an adoptive mum to 3 amazing children and leads a church with her husband Jez. She has a background in youth work and has previously worked with vulnerable children and their families. Claire passionately believes that the local church is the hope of the world.

  • Natalie Hunter-Mills

    Natalie Hunter-Mills

    Political Advocacy Intern

    Natalie studied Human Geography at Newcastle where she became passionate about social issues and politics. She has a heart to see the Church engage with the marginalized of society and to see people changed by the love of the Gospel.

  • Krish Kandiah

    Krish Kandiah

    Founder and Director

    Krish is passionate about helping the Church relate relevantly and faithfully to contemporary culture and about global, multi-cultural and church-based mission. He is president of London School of Theology, and is a husband, father, adoptive dad and foster carer.

  • Rachel Maclure

    Rachel Maclure

    PA to Dr Krish Kandiah

    Rachel previously worked as a Volunteer Manager in a Care Home, and a Financial Officer at a language school in Brazil. She is married to Dave, a vicar, and has three wild and wonderful birth children. She hopes to adopt, and in the meantime loves to facilitate other people’s journeys.

  • Kirsty McIntyre

    Kirsty McIntyre

    Head of Engagement

    Kirsty’s previous work has varied from prisons and churches to floristry. She loves seeing churches meet the needs of their communities. Kirsty is a trustee of Restorative Practice UK and for An African Dream, which works with orphans, widows and pastors in rural Uganda.

  • Billy-Jo O'Leary

    Billy-Jo O'Leary

    Project Coordinator: Kent

    Billy-Jo is a Licensed Lay Minister (LLM) with the Rochester Diocese and has extensive experience of working with young people, families and social care systems. Billy-Jo is passionate about the positive impact that fostering and adoption can have on vulnerable young people and the church's call in helping them reach their full potential.

  • Rebecca Patterson

    Rebecca Patterson

    Communications Administrator

    Rebecca recently completed her Master’s degree in English Literature. She previously worked for the Royal Household, and has also worked as a teacher and facilitator in schools and universities. She has two adopted siblings and is passionate about the church making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

  • Jessica Rodewald

    Jessica Rodewald

    Regional Manager (London)

    Jessica's past experience includes working with churches as well as working directly with children and their families in various contexts. Her passion is for children to be loved and acknowledged for their importance, and to enable others to become passionate about it too!

  • James Rose

    James Rose

    Head of Operations

    James joined the team after 25 years in the automotive industry. He has two wonderful adopted daughters, and he is passionate that men are supported. He is on the leadership team of his church and been involved in youth work for more years than he cares to remember!

  • Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith

    Scotland Lead

    Lucy previously worked with government in a variety of areas. She is active in her local church and is excited about working with others to develop and deliver the vision of Home for Good in Scotland.

  • Jon Stockley

    Jon Stockley

    Project Worker (North West)

    Jon and his wife are adoptive parents. Jon is excited to see the church begin to get serious about providing homes for vulnerable children. Working part-time for Home for Good, he also works with Christian Vision for Men, and is committed to seeing men use their strength to protect the weak and to stand against the abuse of power.

  • Kathryn Thorp

    Kathryn Thorp

    Project Manager (Maternity Leave)

    Kathryn has worked with children and young people in various ministry roles for the past 10 years. She is passionate about sharing the hope, love, generosity and grace of God with young people and excited to work with other Christians who are doing this.

  • Jennifer Yates

    Jennifer Yates

    Head of Regional Development

    Jennifer manages the Regional Development Managers, and works with champions and churches across the North West. She has a passion to see lives transformed in loving forever families, and loves to see church families play their part in demonstrating God's love.


  • Alan Charter

    Alan Charter

    Chair of Trustees

    Alan is a children's champion, foster carer and adoption advocate. He longs to see children thrive in families and as part of the family of God, pursuing that through the Global Children’s Forum, Children Matter! and Scripture Union England & Wales. He is a husband and a father of four, the youngest of whom is adopted, and, as foster carers, Alan and Claire have welcomed various children into their home. Alan was part of the conversation that led to, shaped, and birthed Home for Good, and is passionate about the vision – particularly about doing more to support adopters.

  • George Stylianides

    George Stylianides


    George leads the Financial Services, Risk and Regulatory practice in the UK and Financial Services Risk network in the Central Cluster for PwC. He has over 25 years of experience working with financial institutions in Europe and Asia, and has worked with global financial institutions to help build and implement the tools, models and working practices necessary to provide the insight to support strategic and operational decision making.

  • Revd Sue Colman

    Revd Sue Colman

    Sue has worked in pastoral leadership in her local church, developing counselling, healing and pastoral resources. More recently she was employed by a charity to support vulnerable young people, integrating spiritual and therapeutic wellbeing. She is now one of the clergy team at Holy Trinity Brompton Church, and works as a chaplain at St Mellitus College. Sue is a wife and a mother to four grown-up children. She was adopted, and was an independent adoption and fostering panel member for her local authority. Sue is particularly passionate about encouraging post-adoption support from the Church.

  • Rachel Gardner

    Rachel Gardner

    Rachel is the President of the Girl’s Brigade and founder of the Romance Academy, a national youth charity that supports youth leaders, parents and teachers in talking with young people about healthy relationships and sexual health. Bestselling author of a number of books for teens and young adults, Rachel is a keen campaigner on youth related issues. She works with 'Ignite' who specialise in working with vulnerable young people in North London. She and her husband are proud parents to their adopted daughter who came into their lives one snowy January - and life has not been the same since!

  • Dr Krish Kandiah

    Krish is the Founder and Director of Home for Good and is passionate about helping the Church relate relevantly and faithfully to contemporary culture and about global, multi-cultural and church-based mission. He is president of London School of Theology, and is a husband, father, adoptive dad and foster carer. Krish worked for the Evangelical Alliance, and launched Home for Good as a campaign and then as a charity.

  • Dominic Llewellyn

    Dominic Llewellyn

    Dom is a social entrepreneur and has a background in politics as well as in setting up charities and social enterprises. He is the Co-CEO of Numbers4Good, a pioneering social impact investing organisation. He's a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and sat on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Europe between 2012 and 2014. He is a Dad and a husband. Dom is passionate about children becoming all they are created to be and believes the Church can be the answer to the adoption and fostering crisis in the UK and internationally.

  • Eddie Lyle

    Eddie Lyle

    Eddie Lyle is President of Open Doors UK & Ireland which supports persecuted Christians around the world. Eddie is married to Christine, and they live in Witney in Oxfordshire. 24 years ago they adopted their son Adam, who has complex special needs. Eddie and Christine recently celebrated the first anniversary of Adam living independently. They have also cared for a number of foster children in short-term placements.

Council of Reference

  • Louise Bomber

    Louise Bomber

    Louise is an Attachment Lead Teacher and a Child & Adolescent therapist. She specialises in supporting those with experience of significant relational traumas and losses in their early years. She set up TouchBase and the National Attachment Lead Network, and has written extensively. She is part of the Consortium of Emotional Well Being for Children in Schools.

  • Steve Clifford

    Steve Clifford

    Steve is General Director of the Evangelical Alliance UK. He previously chaired the Hope 08 campaign and Soul Survivor, and served as an Evangelical Alliance and a Spring Harvest board member. He believes passionately in the Church as an agent for change and is excited by opportunities for the Church to present the good news of Jesus in words and action.

  • Jeremy Cooper

    Jeremy Cooper

    Jeremy is Director at iMPOWER Consulting. Over the last few years he has led a fostering and adoption transformation programme. Jeremy is passionate about improving fostering and adoption services and about Christians taking an even bigger lead in fostering and adoption - so he sees Home for Good as an amazing answer to prayer!

  • Dr Tim Davy

    Dr Tim Davy

    Tim teaches and researches in the areas of Biblical Studies, Mission, Fostering and Adoption at Redcliffe College. He leads the College’s newly established Fostering, Adoption and the Church research project and is passionate about communicating the whole-Bible vision of God's care for vulnerable children.

  • Sonya Doragh

    Rev Sonya Doragh

    Rev Sonya Doragh is vicar of Christ Church Eccleston in St Helens. Sonya and her husband Phil have 3 adopted children (so far) and have experience as foster carers. Sonya studied infertility through the Biblical narrative, finding a theology of infertility that focuses on identity in Christ and fruitful living.

  • Lisa Higgins

    Lisa Higgins

    Lisa is a senior manager at Care for the Family and was responsible for helping to establish the Home for Good initiative. She is passionate about seeing churches support those who adopt or foster, and enabling parents and carers to network together for mutual support.

  • Justin Humphreys

    Justin Humphreys

    Justin Humphreys is Executive Director at CCPAS (the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service). He is an adopted adult and a social worker by background. Justin is a Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University and is also the current Chair of the Christian Forum for Safeguarding. He is passionate about giving voice to the voiceless and seeing the Church creating safer places for all.

  • Jenny Peters

    Jenny Peters

    Jenny worked as a children and families social worker before leaving to help her husband run St Paul's Anglican fellowship and then St Mary's Bryanston Square. She is passionate about supporting family relationships and set up a project called The Centre which exists to give parents and partners relational support.

  • Jude Trenier

    Jude Trenier

    Jude is the Development Manager at 'For Refugees - Good Faith Partnership'. She is a writer and professional communicator with a background in Organisational and Charity Development, Community & Youth Work, Change Management, Training and People Development.

  • Keith White

    Keith White

    Keith and his wife, Ruth, have been caring for children and families in their home at Mill Grove for most of their lives. Keith is author of The Growth of Love which explores child development in a Christian context, and has produced a Bible for ordinary families (The Bible Narrative and Illustrated).

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