Children Waiting

Harry & Jessica

Age: 5 & 4

Harry (5) and Jessica (4) are siblings who have a very strong bond and love to be together. Could you be their forever family?


Age: 4

Thomas is a happy boy who loves to giggle. Could you be his adoptive parent?



Lucy is a loving, caring, and energetic little girl. Could you be her adoptive parent?


Age: 5

Robert is an affectionate, outgoing, active and lively five-year-old. Could you be his forever family?


Age: 13

Jake is an active boy with a great sense of humour. Could you be the forever family that he needs?

Tory's Story

Tory and her husband's family was 'complete' with two children. Now they have seven!

Yeovil Family Church

Yeovil Family Church has hosted Adoption Sunday for two years, and has seen families choose to foster, adopt and support.

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