Alan is almost three years old. He is a lovely, happy boy who has a great personality. He enjoys close contact and cuddles and sleeps well at night. Alan is tall for his age and has very fine light blond hair, blue eyes and a large smile.

“My name is Alan and I like music and dancing!”

Alan moved to his current foster carers in April 2016. They report his concentration span has improved since he has been with them. Alan is able to form attachments and identify those who are important to him. Alan is delighted to see his male foster carer when he comes home. Alan is also attached to his female carer and seeks cuddles from both of them. Alan seeks attention and displays appropriate attachment behaviours. Alan also share a close relationship with the foster carer’s older children and responds well to them.

Alan has global developmental delay and epilepsy which is being managed through medication. His seizures are less frequent and occur more often when he is eating.

Alan is delayed in his development. He is able to walk but struggles with his balance. He manages to climb up and down the stairs but needs support when doing so. Alan’s mobility has improved considerably in the last six months.

“Alan loves cuddles and would be happy to be cuddled all day. He is very endearing and loves playing ‘peek a boo’.” - Alan’s Social Worker

Alan enjoys bath time and being able to splash and play in the water. Alan responds well to sensory input and likes the sensory tower containing fish. Alan likes music and dancing. Alan also likes musical toys and flashing toys. Alan will play happily with puppets. He will copy the hand movements of adults or children. If Alan is sitting he shows he is enjoying music by rocking back and forth. Alan also enjoys going on swings. Alan finds it difficult to engage with books or television programmes due to his poor attention span.

"Alan is delighted to see his male foster carer when he comes home, and runs towards him wanting a cuddle!"

An adoptive family is being sought for Alan as part of the IAAM scheme which includes a  comprehensive assessment by the South London and Maudsley Hospital Centre for Children. They will receive specific therapeutic support tailored to any needs identified in the assessment, and PACT will provide ongoing support for Alan and his adoptive family.

If you are interested in finding out more about Alan or the IAAM programme please visit, call PACT on 0300 456 4800 or email Mandy Davies at Make sure you mention Home for Good!

*Child’s name has been changed.

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