Matthew and Holly

Matthew and Holly, who are nearly five and just turned three years old, are a brother and sister who need a forever family. Their foster carers describe them as:

“very easy to care for, affectionate, cheerful, happy and a delight”

When they first moved to their foster carers, Matthew showed a tendency to look after and be very protective of Holly and they didn’t like to be apart.

Since feeling more secure they are now able to enjoy time apart and have each developed their own interests as well as enjoying time together. They can still be heard chattering and singing to each other before they fall asleep. Due to their sibling bond, we want to find a home where they can grow up together.

“The rewards you get from Matthew and Holly are so tremendous, they are such loving children” 

- Holly and Matthew’s Foster Carers

All about Matthew

Matthew loves to be outdoors in play areas or visiting places on days out, particularly if there is a ride on a train involved. At the park, Matthew likes the slide best. At school he enjoys the swimming pool, the trampoline and sensory room. He regularly stays in a caravan and just loves being outside.

At home, Matthew’s favourite thing to do is to play with his blocks, he will do it whenever he gets the chance! He also shows great concentration and focus when playing with his puzzles, trains, letter cards and drawing.

Matthew will sit for at least half an hour doing an activity, particularly when he has  encouragement and praise from his foster carer. He finds it difficult when his little sister wants to join in and take a card or train he is playing with, but manages this with help and a cuddle.

Matthew loves to help at home especially with his male carer, he loves to help load the dishwasher and other household chores.

Matthew enjoys singing along to rhymes or tunes he knows and is learning actions too.  He sings ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘e-i-adio’ at the moment!  Matthew is an enthusiastic eater, enjoying a wide variety of foods including a full roast with all the trimmings! He is a great sleeper too.

Health, Development & Education

Matthew has additional needs which will be discussed in full with any interested adopters. There is additional uncertainty in his future needs which will need to be considered fully by his future family.

He really likes school and often asks to go at the weekend too! His school bus driver commented that he “was always so calm and cheerful every day”. His teacher says that he is “eager and willing to learn, likes to please and responds well to praise with a proud smile”.

All about Holly

Holly is described by her foster carers as “smiley and happy, easy to care for and a delight”.  She loves to play, dance and have fun and she giggles a lot.  Holly is a very affectionate little girl with a sunny disposition, a broad smile and an infectious laugh.

Holly loves her dolls and carries them around on her hip! She looks after them, feeds and rocks them then tucks them into bed. She also likes to do pretend jobs and has a toy ironing board, hoover and tea set. She enjoys serving tea to her carers. Holly plays well by herself, with other children and with her foster carers.

Like her brother Matthew, Holly enjoys her days out, being outdoors, on the swings at the park and at the family caravan at weekends.

Holly sleeps well and likes a wide variety of food, including fruit and vegetables, but she isn’t too keen on chips (which isn’t a bad thing!).

Health, Development & Education

Holly has additional needs but is learning new skills and making steady progress. There is a high level of uncertainty and this will need to be considered fully by her future family.

Holly attends nursery part-time and her confidence there is growing. She loves the home corner and is learning to say “no” if somebody takes a toy she wants to play with!

“They are so easy to look after, they have enhanced our life since they have been with us” 

- Holly and Matthew’s Foster Carers

What type of family do the children need?

Matthew and Holly will need parents who are able to offer plenty of one to one time, stimulation and praise and parents who are able to be clear with regard to boundaries and routines to enable them to feel safe and build trust.

They will need to be able to manage a high degree of uncertainty, have a flexible approach and a good network of people who can offer both practical and emotional support.

Above all Matthew and Holly will need parent/s who are energetic, fun, kind, empathic, positive and able to delight in the children’s achievements to enable them to reach their full potential.

For more information, please call 01925 534 118 or email, and mention Home for Good. The Bespoke Family Finding Service is a partnership service offered by Adoption Matters & Caritas Care and part of the Centre for Adoption Support.

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