Robert* is an affectionate, outgoing, active and lively five-year-old with an infectious laugh. He often asks for hugs and has a great sense of humour. He is of white UK and dual heritage (his mother is white UK/black Caribbean).

Robert likes to be outdoors and around other children. He has a natural love for music and rhythm. He likes to play with trains, cars, puzzles, computer games and his scooter. He enjoys trips in the car and visits to the park. He has recently started going to football sessions.

"My name is Robert and I like riding my scooter and playing with a ball."

Robert prefers to be with family members and not be on his own. He likes to follow routines and seems to feel most secure when he knows the plan for the day, especially when it is set out in a visual timetable.

Robert enjoys school and receives one to one support in a mainstream class. He knows his numbers and letters, and is working towards using phonics. He is well-liked and will approach others to join in with them. 

Robert successfully uses the toilet independently and sleeps very well, rarely waking in the night. He eats most foods but will try to avoid certain textures or fruit and vegetables.  

"Robert is a very rewarding child to care for"

Robert is receiving support for his delayed speech but is making very good progress and is using recognisable sentences.

Robert is a very rewarding child to care for and is able to show affection, seeking his carer's comfort when upset, or simply asking for a cuddle at various points in the day.

Being on the autistic spectrum means that he prefers predictability, routine and that he can feel frustrated when things are too difficult for him (e.g. getting dressed for school or being in crowded places).

He would benefit from being the only child in the family, or if there were other children in the family they would need to be older. His adoptive family would not need to reflect his ethnic and cultural background however they would need to be respectful of his heritage and be able to give him a positive sense of identity.

"Robert is very affectionate, often asking for hugs, and he has a great sense of humour."

Robert has received a comprehensive assessment by the South London and Maudsley Hospital Centre for Children. He will receive specific therapeutic support tailored to any needs identified in the assessment, and PACT will provide ongoing support for Robert and his adoptive family.

For more information about Robert, please contact Louise Hartley, PACT Adoption Team Manager,, 07587 552399, and mention Home for Good.

*Name and pictures have been changed to protect identity

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