Adoption, justification and the hospitality of God

In February 2015, Home for Good, together with St Mellitus and the Evangelical Alliance, hosted a theological conference with input from leading ethicists, theologians and biblical scholars to address the lack of theological reflection on the nature of the Christians’ adoption into God’s family. Two theological perspectives were explored: a 'vertical' perspective on adoption into God's family, and a ‘horizontal' perspective of adoption, where the Church in general, and the Christian family in particular, are a welcoming community for vulnerable children. 


An interview with Stanley Hauerwas

Professor Stanley Hauerwas speaks about the hospitality of God and adoption.

Rev Dr Graham Tomlin

A Reformation perspective on adoption.

Rt Rev Paul Butler

The Bishop of Durham speaks about child poverty and the hospitality of God. 

Dr Jane Williams

Adoption, family and the Church.

Professor John Milbank

Social theory and adoption. 

Dr Steve Holmes

A historical theology of adoption

Dr Michael Reeves

Adoption and the Trinity

Dr Chris Tilling

Adoption and Justification.

Dr Rosalee Velloso-Ewell

Adoption and global theology

Phil and Helenor's Story

When Phil’s wife suggested to him that they should considering fostering, he was “due a midlife crisis”.

Father's Day 2017: Mark's Story

Mark shares his story of being a dad through birth, adoption and fostering.

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