FOCUS on: England and Wales

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FOCUS on: England and Wales

Over the past year we have continued to build on our established foundations, and have been astounded by developments from across the country. We have seen more people get involved as champions, churches, and local movements, stepping up to ensure vulnerable children are on the Church’s agenda and families who care for them are being better supported.

Jen, our Head of Regional Development, shares one of her highlights of the year:

“We held two summits last year and they were amazing! It is such a joy and privilege to stand with so many people whose hearts all have the same vision – to care for vulnerable children and give them homes and families.”

Another great development this year has been the pilot scheme for our youth and children’s worker training. We were so pleased to be able to deliver this training in seven locations, to 161 people, with fifty different churches represented, and know that this will have had a significant impact for looked after and adopted children in all of those churches and beyond. In the coming year we will be fully evaluating this training so that we can establish the finalised package and make it more widely available across the whole of the UK.

We continue to engage with local authorities and agencies throughout the country, leading to partnerships for our Pathway to Adoption, localised fostering campaigns, and specific connections through our work to find foster carers for unaccompanied refugee children. It is also brilliant to have such great relationships with so many church denominations and networks, and to be part of such a significant number of conferences and festivals.  

In the coming year we hope to deepen and strengthen all of these connections as well as developing new partnerships, working collaboratively wherever possible to ensure that we’re having the most significant impact.

“I’d love to see more people linking together. This year we saw three more Local Movements launch, each different, but each equally passionate, and it would be wonderful to add to our total in the coming twelve months. I’d also love Home for Good to be able to support and resource even more people, which would serve to inspire new carers and adopters. We’ve spent time with our partners correlating data to understand how we can better journey with people – I want to see even more vulnerable children find safe and loving homes, and it’s such a privilege for Home for Good to play a significant part in that!” – Jen

Please pray for our activity:

  • Pray for our eleven local movements, and for new local movements to develop in the coming year
  • Pray for Jen as she coordinates our work, for our regional staff, and for our tireless champions
  • Pray for our partner agencies and local authorities, and for positive new connections
  • Pray for our relationships with churches, in both a local and national context

Could you give a gift today to find a home for every child who needs one? A regular monthly gift will make a big difference as we look to improve the futures of vulnerable children and those who care for them. Thank you. 

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