A prayer for Good Friday

A prayer for Good Friday

Lord Jesus, today we think of you.
We think of your love for us and how far you went to ensure our rescue.

Lord Jesus, today we remember you.
We remember how you lived humbly and intentionally, choosing the path that would ultimately lead you to the cross.

Lord Jesus, today we recognise you.
We recognise the sacrifice you made for us centuries ago and we recognise that you are still at work in our lives today.

Lord Jesus, today we thank you.
We thank you for ensuring that we can be safely at home with you, adopted into your family.

Lord Jesus, today we respond to you.
We ask that you show us how to love as you do and lay down our lives for the service of others, particularly as we seek to love and give our lives to care for your precious children.

Lord Jesus, today we put our hope in you.
We trust that you will be with us in each moment, strengthening and upholding us as we fulfil your purposes.


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