Adoptive Parents and Foster Carers

Providing a child with a loving home is truly amazing. You are part of a life-transforming journey for the children in your care. But we know it’s not easy, and it’s good to know where to find support. It's essential to look after yourself, and there are many places to turn.

All parents can find life challenging, exhausting or lonely at times. Adoptive parents and foster carers may well face additional challenges, perhaps feeling that others don’t understand the issues they face. We know the value of peer support, so get in touch if you would like to connect with someone in the Home for Good network.

Many of our activities and resources aim to inspire and equip your church community to support you, so do have a look around the website to see what might be helpful. For more specialist help or advice, you may wish to explore some of the organisations and books listed across the website.

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Naomi's Story

Through her family’s decision to become foster carers, Naomi has gained a brother.

John and Paula

In their late fifties, John and Paula began caring for a mother and her baby.

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