Could you be Thomas’ long-term foster family? 

Here’s a little bit about him…

Thomas is a sweet-natured, happy and determined little boy whose personality is developing more every day to form his own little character. He is a real little chatterbox and loves a good giggle.  He is described as having a ‘cheeky sense of humour!’

Watch a video of him here.

Thomas loves to go out for walks in his buggy and likes to take in what is going on around him. He particularly enjoys being in the park and woodland areas.  He likes to play in the park, especially on the swings, however, this does require a lot of lifting on and off as he isn’t able to do this for himself.

Thomas really loves playing in the ball pool at a local play area and can move himself around in this. He also enjoys playing ball with his foster carer – he can roll a ball back and forth and can throw it. He enjoys going swimming. His foster carer holds him in the water and he enjoys splashing about. Thomas needs help getting to and from the changing rooms and to get dressed, so foster carers would need to be able to support him as he gets older and grows.

At home, he enjoys play-doh, water, paint, etc. and likes to play with his cars, dolls house and figures. He likes watching TV programmes and also enjoys a film, but it does need to be something very colourful and bright to catch his attention for that length of time. He loves Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol and would watch them constantly if allowed to! He knows the names of the characters and can tell you what happens in lots of the episodes.

Thomas is generally happy to go along with most things suggested, but he is now starting to let his foster carer know when he doesn’t want to do something. Thomas has four limb cerebral palsy and needs help with most self-care tasks, along with some gentle daily exercises which he does at school and at home – Thomas doesn’t enjoy some of the things he has to do, such as his exercises and his standing frame at home (although he prefers the one at school and will comply). He will let his foster carer know if he doesn’t want to do something, but he will comply, with reluctance, if he has been told he has to. His foster carer says that firm, clear boundaries work well with him, empathising when he doesn’t want to do something but being clear that he needs to do it anyway.

Thomas’ speech is getting better and he can talk about where he has been and the things he has done. His foster carer says they can understand what he is saying a lot more now and he is putting sentences together.

At school, Thomas has a support worker and he has recently got more settled into the routine of school life. He is spending more time in his own classroom rather than the nursery and he is starting to learn more. He is counting, recognising a few numbers and knows his primary colours now.

Thomas thrives on lots of 1:1 attention from the adults around him. He will play with other children but prefers to have an adult alongside him. He can play by himself sometimes and his foster carer encourages this, but he will often call on her wanting her attention back.

Thomas is really trying to be more mobile. He tries hard to pull himself up to standing against the sofa, although he can’t always manage this. He likes to be involved in what is going on around him and will try to move himself around to join in. He has a walker at school which he enjoys.

Thomas has sadly experienced the loss of a significant person in his life. He has been supported by professionals and his current foster carer to make sense of his feelings. He is able to express his grief and talk about his feelings, saying he “misses” the person. Generally, he is doing well but may require ongoing support to help him work through the loss.

Thomas eats well, enjoying a variety of foods. His favourites are pizza, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. He is less keen on veg but will give it a go! He can manage finger foods quite well, but needs assistance with most foods. Thomas has a chair which supports him when sitting up to the table.

Thomas has established a good bedtime routine. He gets tired and is usually fast asleep by 7.30pm and sleeps through to around 7.00am. Thomas can clean his own teeth and will also try to help when his foster carer is dressing him, but generally needs support with all of his self-care.

Thomas is described as a happy-go-lucky boy who likes to get involved in everything. He likes to be in charge sometimes, but will accept the rules given by his foster carer. He has a really cheeky sense of humour and just likes to be close to his carer or an adult who is happy to spend time and play with him.

What type of family does Thomas need?

We are looking for a long-term/permanent family for Thomas either through Fostering or our new innovative service, Future Families for Children. This involves bringing together both fostering and adoption to meet the needs of a particular group of children, aged 4-10. You can read more about this service here

Thomas needs a family who are able to see and promote his fun-loving personality and determined nature, and provide him with opportunities to enjoy life, achieve and take part in activities. Thomas’ family will need to be flexible to attend health appointments and work with a variety of professionals including school, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. They will need to be able to support his development by completing physiotherapy exercises at home, and be fit and able enough to manage his physical needs for help with self-care and mobility.

We are looking for people who are flexible, accepting, fun and able to advocate for his needs, with a good support network of family and friends. Experience of caring for a child with additional needs, either through volunteering, work or family would be ideal. We wouldn’t discount a single carer, but they would need to have a very flexible and robust support network. We wouldn’t discount a family who have other children either, but again this would depend on individual circumstances and would likely be a family with older children.

Consideration would need to be given to direct contact with Thomas’ parents, siblings and Grandmother.

If you would like more information on Thomas, please contact our partner agency, Caritas Care, on 01925 534 118 or email and mention Home for Good.

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