Fundraising tips

Our top ten tips to help you with your fundraising!

You're all sorted - you've decided on your activity, set up your Just Giving page and have broken in those new fluorescent trainers. Now, how to make sure that you convert those miles into sponsorship money?

Here are our ten top tips:

1. Challenge yourself. People are more likely to sponsor you if they know that you're doing something that you find difficult.

2. Make some noise. Use social media, and your local press to tell as many people as you can about your challenge, before it, during it, and to celebrate after it. Tweet us @Home4Gd!

3. Make it personal. Use your fundraising page and social media to tell people the motivation behind your challenge.

4. Make it easy. Is Aunt Marjorie keen to sponsor you, but can’t remember her Wi-Fi password? Download a sponsorship form or see our other ways to give.

5. Take them with you. Physically. Who else could take part in your challenge? More friends = more miles covered, and potentially more sponsorship raised.

6. Wear it. Want to wear the Home for Good logo? Get yours here

7. Ask your boss. Could your company match the money raised, or sponsor you per mile?

8. Keep them in the loop. Social media is your friend. Use an app to track your distance, and post your routes online to update your friends and sponsors.

9. Start strong. People often decide how much to sponsor someone based on how much others have donated. But also, don’t get disheartened if fundraising starts slowly - most people will donate as they see you doing your challenge – and even after you've finished.

10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let your sponsors know how grateful you are for their donations and the difference it makes in the lives of vulnerable children.

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