Are you passionate about fostering and adoption?

We’re looking for people who will take every opportunity to ensure that fostering and adoption is on the Church’s agenda. People who are always encouraging their peers to think about adopting. People who are eager to have a coffee with someone who is thinking about fostering. Champions are at the heart of the Home for Good campaign.

Become part of our nationwide network of champions and we will connect you, resource you, and support you.

Being a champion isn’t a role that necessarily takes up much time: a champion is someone that embodies the vision and passion and wants to spread the word whenever they get the opportunity! A champion might do one or more of the following:

  • Champion fostering and adoption in your own church and/or encourage other churches to get involved.
  • Organise Home for Good information events.
  • Have coffee with people thinking about fostering or adoption.
  • Work with your church to set up a peer-led support group for foster carers and adoptive parents.

For more information about being a champion, email us. 

What is a Home for Good champion? Apply to become a champion Champion Interviews

The Sizers

Damion and Anya adopted in 2013. Their eldest two, Hope and Barney, describe what it was like welcoming a new little brother.

Jim and Pam's story

After a break from fostering, Jim and Pam decided to give it another go - one placement at a time.

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