Church Support Booklet

This excellent resource equips churches to better understand and support families that foster and adopt. It's ideal for church leaders, small group facilitators and children's and youth leaders, and for any member of a church community who wants to find out how to support foster carers, adoptive parents, and the children in their care.

If you would like more copies, please get in touch. We would be grateful for donations to help us cover the cost of printing, packaging, and postage so we can continue to create excellent resources like this.

Church Support Booklet

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The Wrights

Charles and Jolanda both grew up in big families and as such always envisaged starting their own soon after they were married.

Finding family in the UK: Kamal's story

It took Kamal seven months to reach Calais after he had to leave his home in Sudan at just fourteen years old. After finally arriving in England, Kamal went to live with Laura and her family.

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