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In 2013, churches in Southampton set out to find 40 new foster placements for the City Council. In one year, more than 70 people applied to become foster carers. We are now working with groups, churches and local authorities in towns and cities across the UK to run campaigns, to raise awareness of the need for foster carers in their area. We connect with churches to encourage families to consider fostering or adoption, and with church communities to better resource them in supporting families who care for looked after children. 

We have seen families from churches respond to the needs of their local area in incredible ways; encouraging significant numbers of families to consider fostering, setting up support groups, and helping churches to become places of welcome for looked after children and those who care for them.

The Church is well placed to meet the need for more adoptive families and foster carers in the UK, however Councils say it is not always easy to connect with churches. Home for Good wants to help connect your fostering team with the churches in your area. 

We now offer a range of services, from £5,000 - £50,000 per year, that will enable local authorities to work effectively with churches to recruit foster carers. We'll work with you to develop a bespoke package that takes into account your needs as a local authority and the church context in your area.

Services include:

  • Consultancy to work with your team as they develop a plan to connect with churches in your area.
  • Connecting with churches in your area to dispel myths that might exist about fostering.
  • Training to ensure that your assessing social workers understand the Christian faith - particularly how to rigorously, but sensitively, explore faith issues during the assessment process.
  • Tailoring national campaigns to ensure they meet your needs locally.
  • Campaign packages to engage churches with fostering recruitment, including high profile events at large churches, and a series of information evening targeting church-goers.
  • Employment of an engagement worker to network with churches and support people who come forward as potential foster carers.

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Andrew's Story

As a single male foster carer, Andrew has been a father figure for many young men over 25 years.

The Wrights

Charles and Jolanda both grew up in big families and as such always envisaged starting their own soon after they were married.

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