The Summit

The Summit is an annual day of encouragement and equipping for Christians from around the UK who are passionate about adoption and fostering.

It is an annual opportunity to bless, inspire and share with others involved in fostering and adoption. It is also a great chance to bring along friends, family and leaders within the Church and community who want to learn how to better support those welcoming vulnerable children into their homes.

Here’s what some of our guests said about the Summit last year:

I found the whole day very informative and refreshing looking at fostering and adoption from a different angle… it was enjoyable, relaxing and many people were honest in what they wanted to find out about what were myths.

The whole thing was amazing! Really well thought out and well put together!!

The children's work was absolutely outstanding. My child has very complex needs, and they were met amazingly.

We loved all of it and were especially pleased that our children had such a good time in the kids 'work.

The sessions were extremely helpful. Personal experiences on the part of the session leaders enriched the sessions tremendously.

I think the highlight of the day were the mainstage sessions as there was such an exciting buzz to be in a room with around 300 other Christians who love God and who are really interested in fostering and adoption... Also to see all the children in the building and families together and to know that most of the kids were probably foster or adopted kids was a highlight for me, as someone who is about to become an adoptive parent.

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