COVID-19: Help at-risk children in Lewisham

Vulnerable children in Lewisham are being put at even greater risk by COVID-19.


Home for Good are working with Lewisham Council’s fostering team who are under increased pressure due to the evolving impact of COVID-19 and the significant demands for more foster carers.

Before the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Lewisham was recruiting foster carers for over 470 children young people in their care. Occasionally Lewisham have had to place children miles away from the area and into residential homes because of a lack of foster homes.

The initial lockdown only increased their challenge.

During the first lockdown, domestic violence rose significantly and the Children’s Commissioner reported that more than 2 million children were living in hugely vulnerable situations. As schools have returned and professionals are seeing children once more, the hidden impact of lockdown is starting to become apparent with an increase in referrals to children’s services.

We are so encouraged that since we launched our partnership, three families have been approved as new foster carers to meet the rising need. This is a good start, but many more are needed.

As restrictions come into force again over into winter, the knock-on effects are set impact families across the borough, including reduced incomes, mental health challenges and domestic violence the number of children needing care is expected to significantly increase.

Will you become a home for good for children in the borough who need it?

We are asking Christians in around Lewisham who may be able to open their home to a vulnerable child to complete the form below and explore with Home for Good and Lewisham Borough Council whether fostering is for you.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch. You can also check out our regular online events to find out more about fostering, hear from existing carers and whether it is something for you.

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Dr. Krish Kandiah outlines the need

Could you open up your home to a vulnerable child?

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