Porchia, Brodie and Blake

Age; 7, 5 & 3

Could you be a home for good for Porchia, Brodie and Blake?

Porchia (7), Brodie (5), and Blake (3) are siblings who all share a special bond and connection with each other. We are looking for an adoptive family for Porchia, Brodie and Blake to offer them a loving, permanent home together. All enquiries will be considered carefully, and you do not have to be an approved adopter to enquire.

All about Porchia

Porchia, the eldest and big sister to her 2 brothers is always bubbly, smiling, confident and assertive.

Porchia cares very deeply about her brothers and has in the past taken on a caring role towards them. Changes in routines or family structure can make her worry about her brothers and try to care for them, so she does need reassurances from adults to allow her to adopt a ‘big sister’ role rather than a caring one.

Porchia enjoys receiving positive praise and she will strive to achieve this from adults and peers. Although she is a happy, smiley, sociable and confident little girl, she does need this positive feedback and encouragement at times.

Porchia likes to dress up and loves all things ‘girly’! She really enjoys having her hair styled in different ways and, when she is allowed, likes to have her nails painted. She enjoys being pampered!

Porchia enjoys physical activities both in and out of school. She likes swimming and is currently attending one to one lessons. She also goes to gymnastics club after school one night a week.

Porchia really loves going to school and has a good relationship with her teachers. She works incredibly hard and this is reflected in her achieving above the expected milestones in some subject areas. She is really proud of her achievements and has her certificates proudly displayed at home.

Porchia was also very proud when she received a certificate for 100% attendance. School has been a constant factor in her life, she loves it and is keen to maintain this excellent attendance record.

Porchia is described by teachers as a little girl who is doing extremely well, she is working above the expected milestones in reading and maths. She is an avidreader, she loves reading her books and having stories read to her! She has been given extra tuition for reading to develop this skill further. Porchia has been described as having the ability to exceed especially in the subjects that she enjoys.

Porchia enjoys playing with a range of friends within school and at the caravan although she has not yet established any ‘best friends’.

Although Porchia’s preference is to spend her leisure time playing outdoors and partaking in physical activities, she also enjoys playing with her brothers, listening to music, dancing, and watching CBeebies.

Porchia enjoys being with others but she also appreciates her own company too and will often play alone in her bedroom with her dolls and doll’s house.

Porchia likes animals and adores the foster family’s dog.

Porchia is in excellent routines waking at 7am. She will have breakfast, get washed and dress herself for the day. She has good self-care skills and can complete the majority of personal care such as washing, bathing and dressing on her own. Although she does have help with washing her hair, it’s very long and a bit too much for her to manage by herself.

Porchia is happy to sit at the dining table for all meals and she will try a range of foods.

Her foster carer says she has excellent manners both at home and when eating out at restaurants.

Porchia can get herself ready for bed, she is normally in bed by 8pm and goes to sleep without any problems.

All about Brodie

Brodie is the middle child and eldest boy. He enjoys playing with his siblings, but tends to play more with his little brother who enjoys playing similar games to him such as cars and Lego.

Brodie has 2 good friends in school and he enjoys playing out with them. He has a good imagination and loves playing out scenes from Batman and Scooby Doo. He particularly loves Scooby Doo and this is his favourite character. He’s got a Scooby cuddly toy who he takes to bed with him.

Brodie also likes floor and board games, his favourite at the moment is Hungry Hippos. He also has a love of jigsaws, colouring and drawing and will happily lose himself in these activities.

Brodie also enjoys swimming and he has one to one lessons each week. Although Brodie enjoys company and being outside, he is equally as happy to play alone and he will often watch cartoons or play games on his iPad.

Like his sister, Brodie loves animals, and adores playing with the family dog.

Brodie does not like sitting still and likes to be on the go - if he needs to sit still for any period of time, he can start to fidget and mess with things.

Brodie’s foster carer describes him as having a quiet personality and very thoughtful.

Over the past months he has grown in confidence and is now beginning to realise he can make choices for himself. Brodie’s teacher echoes the carers view describing him as a quiet child who has a pleasing personality. He tends to gravitate towards children of a similar personality. He will avoid louder boisterous children, if he can, but will stand up for himself when he needs to. Although he has a quiet demeanour he is not shy and talks confidently with known adults and other children.

Brodie is also described as a ‘little leader’ he will organise his friends into characters when playing together. He does this quite naturally and without coming across as bossy.

Brodie has a lovely temperament, he shows genuine empathy if he sees another child hurt or sad, he will always check on them to make sure they are ‘OK’. Brodie is a very forgiving child, he does not retaliate if there’s an altercation with another child and will accept their apology then move on.

Brodie, like his big sister, is in excellent routines. He wakes around 7am, has his breakfast then gets himself washed and dressed for the day with minimum support. Brodie can complete most personal care himself and his carer will check. ie: teeth are cleaned properly and his carer will wash his hair after he has finished playing in the bath.

If not going to school Brodie likes to watch TV, play games or out in the garden while his carer gets organised for the day.

He is normally in bed by 7.30pm after listening to a bedtime story, he can sometimes take a while to drop off to sleep but once he does he sleeps through the night.

Brodie is a good eater and will try anything. He is however a slow eater and does need encouraging to focus on his meal; this is because he is often so busy chatting he forgets about what is on his plate! His foster carer says he has excellent manners both at home and when eating out at restaurants.

Brodie enjoys school, he has a good relationship with his teachers and he has a small number of friends who are very important to him.

Brodie is making good progress and is described by his teacher as: "having the ability to work alone and with confidence. He has an incredible ability to complete a task as directed by the teacher even when around him other children are distracted and unfocused.”

All about Blake

Blake is the youngest child of the group and has an infectious laugh, in fact, once he starts he just can’t stop…especially if he is being tickled – he loves that!

Blake is described as a whirlwind, who chatters from the moment he wakes up. He is very loving and enjoys lots of cuddles. Blake has a strong personality, he is full of fun and he makes adults and children smile easily.

Blake is at his happiest being outdoors. He adores playing with his older brother and sister, chasing them around and being with his friends. He loves water play, mud and anything messy!

Also content at being indoors, Blake really enjoys playing with anything to do with construction and he will play with Lego, building blocks using his imagination to create towers and bridges out of the tiny little pieces.

Blake also enjoys TV and his favourite programme is Peppa Pig and Mr Tumble.

Blake, like his siblings has swimming lessons, he needs to develop more confidence in the water and will only go in up to his knees; this is progress and his foster carers feels he will eventually gain more confidence with encouragement.

Blake is in excellent routines, waking around 7am. He has breakfast and is then helped with getting washed and dressed for the day. Blake still requires support in personal care although he is making good progress.

Blake gets ready for bed downstairs and then goes to bed after his supper. He shares a bedroom with his brother Brodie, he can chatter for a while but will then settle to sleep.

Although Blake likes his routines he can adapt and manage transitions if he is with trusted adults and a known environment.

Blake is happy to try most foods with the exception of tomatoes - he really doesn’t like those! He enjoys cereal, sausages and beans on toast for breakfasts and he likes a jam butty and burgers for lunch.

Blake enjoys attending nursery 3 days per week and is meeting his expected milestones.

Blake copes well at nursery and is able to transition from one task to another such as stopping free play to moving to the carpet for guided learning.

Blake is an enthusiastic member of the class, he likes to join in singing and he is always keen to answer questions by the nursery teacher. He has learned to sit for periods of time and put his hand up to answer questions. Blake will also put toys away when asked, queue up for his coat at playtimes.

If not going to nursery Blake likes to watch TV, play games or in the garden while his carer gets organised for the day.

Brothers & Sisters

Porchia, Brodie and Blake all have a love of the outdoors and they particularly enjoy weekends and school holidays at their foster family’s caravan. All love the freedom this provides as it is a safe and secure environment where they can ride their bikes and scooters.

What type of family do Porchia, Brodie and Blake need?

High energy levels, good sense of humour and a love of the outdoors.

We're looking for a two parent family with at least one parent to be able to drop and pick the children to and from school and be at home during school holidays.

Strong support network of family and friends and existing links or willingness to access community based activities.

Experience of working with or caring for children either in a professional or personal capacity.

A caring, nurturing family who is able to provide clear boundaries, structure and routines.

Willingness to undertake a range of training to support the children throughout their childhood and beyond and to work with professionals.

Support and promote any contact plans.

Animal loving family.

    To find out more about Porchia, Brodie & Blake contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service: 01925 534 118 or email: [email protected]

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