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Very early on in the Home for Good journey, it became clear that the best way to make our vision a reality was to engage with passionate people throughout the UK. People who care deeply about vulnerable children are in a perfect position to encourage their churches to consider the need for adoptive parents and foster carers, and help their church become a welcoming and supportive environment for children and families.

These incredible people are our 'champions' and they are the lifeblood of Home for Good.

Champions work within their own churches to ensure that caring for vulnerable children is on the agenda. This looks different in every setting, but it can include using Home for Good resources to raise awareness, helping to facilitate support for families, ensuring children’s and youth leaders are equipped through Home for Good training, organising events, fundraising for us, or simply being available for people to talk to about caring for vulnerable children.

We love how each of our wonderful and unique champions approaches their role in a different way, doing what they can to make a difference for vulnerable children in their church and community.

Are you passionate about fostering and adoption?

Become part of our nationwide network of champions and we will connect you, resource you, and support you. Being a champion isn’t a role that necessarily takes up much time: a champion is someone that embodies the vision and passion and wants to spread the word whenever they get the opportunity!

To talk further about becoming a champion, get in touch with Kathryn.

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