Mother's Day

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We want to make organising Mother’s Day as easy for you as possible. Here’s a few pointers to go from here…

Where are the resources?

We have put together a suite of resources to help you plan in a way that suits your context. All the resources will be available here. We will also be emailing this link to you shortly, so keep your eyes peeled (and don’t forget to check your spam!).

Can I request a speaker?

You can! We have a team of staff and volunteers who would love to inspire your church to take up the cause for vulnerable children. Find out how here.

We’d like to give to Home for Good. How can we do that?

All of our resources are available free of charge with no monetary obligation, but if your church is able and would like to, they can make a one-off donation to Home for Good here.

You may have pledged a donation or to take up and offering in your service, and we’re so grateful for that. We will email you with how to do this shortly, so keep an eye out and don’t forget to check your spam!

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