Reflections from a foster carer: Diary of introductions

For Foster Care Fortnight 2017, we asked foster carers for their thoughts.

Reflections from a foster carer: The magic wand

For Foster Care Fortnight 2017, we asked foster carers for their thoughts.

Five things to ask prospective parliamentary candidates in your constituency

As the 2017 general election approaches, we suggest five questions that you could ask your partliamentary candidates.

Churches as supportive communities – how Easter confronts us

How can churches become the kind of supportive, loving communities that are so needed by many who have fostered or adopted? How do we ensure we provide a place of hope and support when people feel isolated and overwhelmed?

A prayer for Good Friday

Lord Jesus, today we think of you...

A reflection for Easter Saturday

The Bible is very quiet about that Saturday... It must have been a very dark day for those who lived it.

FOCUS on: England and Wales

An update on our activity in England and Wales (April 2017).

FOCUS on: Scotland

An update on our activity in Scotland (April 2017).

FOCUS on: Northern Ireland

An update on our activity in Northern Ireland (April 2017).

Glimpses of Motherhood: Joy's Story

Foster carer Joy shares her heart for welcoming children into her family and being the mother they need.

Glimpses of Motherhood: Esther's Story

Esther shares honestly about becoming a mother for the second time, and her heart for her precious adopted daughter.

Glimpses of Motherhood: An adoptive mother's story

An adoptive mother writes about some of the challenges her family faces around Mother's Day.


Finding family in the UK: Kamal's story

It took Kamal seven months to reach Calais after he had to leave his home in Sudan at just fourteen years old. After finally arriving in England, Kamal went to live with Laura and her family.

Fostering a teenage refugee: Zara's story

Zara shares her story of fostering an unaccompanied Eritrean teenager.

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