JOY in our waiting

The second of our reflections written for Advent 2015, focussed on the shepherds and JOY in our waiting.

HOPE in our waiting

The first of our reflections written for Advent 2015, focussed on Mary and HOPE in our waiting.

Fast Forward Five Years

The story of one individual's journey from a San Diego firepit to becoming a fostering family of five.

Why Jesus blessing the children isn't a 'nice' story

Jesus blessing the children cannot be contained by the word ‘nice’.

Why are we waiting?

Many individuals and families have been approved to adopt, but are now waiting for their match. Why is this?

Why we choose to wait

Given the current situation of many adopters waiting, we asked a friend to write about her experience.

Whose care do care leavers leave?

In what world could the words corporate and parent ever be joined together? In the life of a child in care, that’s where.

What the Church needs to know about infertility

Infertility has been much misunderstood in Christian culture and in the Church.

Adoption: The Myth and the Reality

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the adoption statistic headlines last week.

Adoption Sunday 2014

Hundreds of churches took part in Adoption Sunday 2014. Read some of their stories here.


Claire and Alan’s story

We are a family with four great children, our youngest, Isabelle, is adopted.

Fostering a teenage refugee: Zara's story

Zara shares her story of fostering an unaccompanied Eritrean teenager.

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