2:25 adoption prayer group

2:25 adoption prayer group

Some time ago, I was walking around the lake in our local park and I noticed a lone runner - completely unremarkable! A little while later I noticed that this runner had been joined by a friend. Two men running in a park - also unremarkable! The next time I saw them, they had been joined by two or three other runners, and then the penny dropped: I realised that God was giving me a wonderful picture of how adoption support should look.

When we adopted seven years ago, we felt very alone and sometimes isolated. We were dealing with all kinds of issues which we had not encountered before and nobody seemed to understand. We were so grateful for the one other adoptive family in our church, who had much more experience than we did, and willingly offered a listening ear. In the next couple of years, two more families in our church also adopted children and we began to recognise that we all really needed each other, in order to share the unique joys and challenges of life as adoptive families.

That’s when the 2:25 prayer group began. In the book of Joel we read of complete devastation, followed by God’s incredible healing and restoration. Joel 2:25 talks of God restoring the years the locusts have eaten. As adoptive parents and foster carers, we want to see restoration in the lives of the children in our care. The group enables parents and carers in our area to meet together, support one another and pray for each other and our families.

We are passionate about the importance of Christians stepping up and getting involved with adoption and fostering. But we are equally passionate that no one should have to run alone.

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