David's Story

David's Story

David and his wife, along with their 15 and 21-year-old daughters, have been fostering for about eight years.

It’s very much something they do as a family, although his wife does most of the work as he has a full-time job as a teacher.

The children they care for are under the age of two and David admits that it is hard work and it is essential to have a good support network – particularly when it comes to babysitting.

It’s hard work, yes. But David has no doubt that it’s been the best thing he’s ever done. “Possibly the most rewarding part for us is that when they leave, we know we have done a good job and given them a strong foundation in their lives.

“We have been able to keep in contact with the children who have now been adopted and it’s wonderful to see them moving on in life with their new families.”

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David's Story

David has found that having a good support network is essential for foster carers. 

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