Responding to the need: Kevin's story

Responding to the need: Kevin's story

"Ever since our children were little, my wife has had the idea of fostering. I was not so interested, and having eight birth children meant that we were kept quite busy for quite a few years. But a good friend of ours is a champion for Home for Good and, through them, we became aware of the work Home for Good was doing connected to the Syrian refugee crisis – seeking foster carers for unaccompanied refugee children.

In autumn 2015, we went to a Home for Good event about this and heard Krish speak. As we listened our minds were broadened, and although we had initially been responding to the refugee crisis, we realised that foster carers were (and still are) needed for so many children. Given that our birth children are getting older, we felt able to proceed and we applied to foster through our local authority, who have been excellent.

Life has changed significantly since then. I was CEO for a charity but am now the lead foster carer while my wife continues working as a GP. Our first placement arrived in November, five-year-old twins and their six-year-old sibling – basically triplets! They are lovely but come with significant needs and challenges.

Our birth children have been fully involved in our decision to foster and they are brilliant, and our church has been amazingly supportive. A small group regularly prays for us, which we definitely need, and we have had meals delivered to us on a daily basis during some challenging times. Given that our foster children have a different heritage to us, we have also had much-needed help from church friends regarding food, hair and cultural advice.

We know these three children will be with us until at least this summer, but who knows where our journey with them will go. While fostering is incredibly challenging, we are so glad we responded and can be part of their story for however long they need us."

If you've been inspired by Kevin's amazing story and would like to support Home for Good as we continue to encourage people on their fostering or adoption journey, please click here to give to us.

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