Rose's Story

Rose's Story

Adoption was something on both our hearts long before my husband and I met. Two or three years after we got married we began to explore it, and decided to start our family this way. We approached our local authority, and once they were happy with us to proceed, things moved quite quickly. Home visits began in September 2012 and by July 2013 our little Harry had moved in.

Our social worker got us right when she suggested Harry to us! (We were in the fantastic position that she knew all three of us).  Though we had wanted to adopt siblings, as soon as we saw him, read his profile and heard his story – both my husband and I ‘fell for’ Harry! And sure enough, there have been a lot of fun times, adventures, activities, hugs and laughs shared since Harry moved in! He has a great sense of humour, is very sociable, very active, and also loves to read and draw – we are so glad that God brought Harry in to our lives!

There have of course been hard times too. Harry had been through several homes before us, not all of them good. We were given a lot of excellent support and training around how to handle his aggressive outbursts. Wonderfully, they grow fewer and fewer all the time, though we know that particularly the teenage years may prove very challenging again. The support of various professionals has been a big help to us and to our son. We are also hugely grateful for the two excellent foster homes Harry spent time in – and we’re still in contact with his last carer.

Another great ‘resource’ for our family has been a local adoption support group. It is an excellent forum for parents and children alike to make new friends, and to ‘normalise’ what can at times feel like a slightly parallel universe we’re living in!

Our greatest support though, has been our family and church family. From the very first Sunday people greeted Harry with such love and kindness – so many children as well as adults wanting to welcome him. Practically, we received many things: books, toys, bedding, and some even clubbed together to buy us a car! We were so touched by their generosity and God’s goodness.  We’ve also had wonderful friends who’ve given advice, listened, and prayed for our family.

Above all though, our Heavenly Father, who has loved and adopted us, has been our example and strength. He brought us into his family, and now He has brought Harry into ours. We are so glad, and we would do it all again!

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