The difference you make

Every penny that you raise or give to Home for Good enables us to do more to find a home for every child who needs one. While there are many aspects to our work, everything we do works towards the same goal: every campaign and event we run, each resource we produce, and the support that we seek to offer, all play a part in finding loving homes for vulnerable children.

We can’t say it enough: your donations and fundraising make a difference.

Raising awareness

We want to ensure that as many people as possible hear about the need for more loving families. We use our website and social media and work hard to increase our reach as much as we can.

After waiting more than two years for adoption, five-year-old twins Katie and Emma were featured on our website as part of the IAAM scheme, a specialist family-finding programme that includes enhanced therapeutic support. When prospective adoptive parents saw their profile they believed they could make a real difference in the girls’ lives and made an enquiry. The girls are now thriving in their forever family.

When we hear that a family has come forward for the children profiled on our website, it's a real cause for celebration. What a privilege it is to play even a small part in speeding up that process for the children who often wait the longest for adoption! – Alice, comms coordinator

Through our posts on Facebook and Twitter, many people have been inspired to consider adopting. We are so excited when we receive messages like this from new parents: ‘Thank you for Home for Good's part in advocating for our little boy.’

We use social media to share and promote our campaigns, resources and events, and love to see the impact:

‘Thanks for all you do in helping children in care live with value, worth and dignity’ – Facebook comment

‘Tomorrow we meet our son to give him his @Home4Gd, thanks for the nudge we needed’ – Tweet

Engaging directly with our supporters through social media is a huge honour and a real pleasure. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word and reach so many people – Amy, writer and editor

Listening, responding, supporting…

Because of our generous supporters, we can commit to having our enquiry line and live web chat open every weekday. People can also contact us through our website. In January we were able to respond to 135 enquiries from people at every stage of the fostering and adoption journey.

‘Thanks for getting in touch, the information is really helpful… This is definitely the year we would like to explore and pursue adoption more intentionally’ – prospective adopter

‘We really appreciate the opportunity to let off steam and frustration to those like yourself who are so encouraging in our calling. For us, Home for Good was established at just the right time’ – foster carer

Supporting others taking similar steps to those my family has taken is such a privilege. I really hope I can help people in their journey to provide children with a loving home - Hannah, enquiry officer 

Developing regionally

We are passionate about regional development and it's a real joy to see how unique expressions of Home for Good are growing in each region. Our hope is to have a presence in every part of the UK, and we're working hard towards that goal' – Jen, head of regional development

Your support enables us to increase staff capacity in every region, resourcing and equipping the incredible teams of volunteers and champions, allowing us to play a part in finding loving homes for children across the UK. Our regional events have supported many people in their journeys into fostering and adoption, understanding the theology of adoption, and the potential of the Church to see lives transformed through loving families.

In Leicester, 50 people came to a vision evening to explore Home for Good in their city and four families went on to enquire about adoption. In Durham more than 30 students and people in their twenties came to an information event – the interest was so overwhelming that a group is now being set up to help them prepare for fostering or adoption in the future.

Many local authorities struggle to find the right homes for teenagers, sibling groups, children with additional needs and unaccompanied asylum seeking children, and we encourage and support people in the Church in providing safe and loving homes for these children – James, business development manager

Inspiring and equipping

We recognise that foster carers and adoptive parents can’t do what they do in isolation, and we see the Church as being well-placed to offer an invaluable network of support. That’s why we spend time producing resources, articles and campaigns to inspire, equip, encourage and empower, to raise awareness and increase support for families in church communities. We also take every opportunity to speak at churches, conferences and festivals, and share through other media outlets when we have the chance.

We have seen the impact of this element of our work in inspiring families to consider fostering and adoption, and increasing the support for foster and adoptive families.

‘The confidentiality article that Home for Good produced was really great. I shared it with my church’s leadership to help them better understand our family’ – adoptive parent

After taking part in Adoption Sunday, three more families at Yeovil Family Church have now been approved as foster carers or adopters so there are now five in total. Following a visit from Krish, two families at Sutton Vineyard started the adoption process, resulting in five children finding their homes for good and two sibling groups were able to stay together.

‘I will be using your resources for our all-age Mother’s Day service and encouraging other churches and youth workers to do the same. Many thanks for the quality of material – it’s refreshing to be sent something that is just perfect and so easy to download and use’ – Joe, Youth Work Director, Greenwich Youth for Christ

Caren and Carl heard about Home for Good through a discussion on UCB radio. They were inspired to read the book, and went on to become foster carers: ‘We can see God working out his plans and we thank him for using Home for Good as part of our journey.’

Home for Good is passionate about finding a home for every child who needs one, and all the money that you are able to give or raise will be invested into all that we do, using the ways we know best.

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