Adoption Sunday

Adoption Sunday is an opportunity each year for the Church to share the good news of our adoption into God’s family and to respond to the needs of children and young people in the UK care system. Each year, Home for Good produces resources to help churches pray for foster carers, adopters and vulnerable children.

Adoption Sunday will be held on Sunday 5 November 2017. This year we will be thinking about the thousands of children in need of the life-changing hospitality and generosity that God calls us to. So many significant and day-to-day family moments happen around a meal time and we want to encourage everyone to consider their family. Who is in your family? Who is at your table? Who could be at your table?

For the last few years, hundreds of churches across the UK have taken part in Adoption Sunday and it has been really encouraging to see so many churches standing with vulnerable children by taking time to pray at services and events. We have been overwhelmed by some of the stories we have heard where Adoption Sunday has, over the consecutive years, had an amazing impact on the lives of individual children as well as that of the church.

Click the link below to sign up for Adoption Sunday resources and receive a free full-length video, as well as other free resources including our Adoption Sunday prayer, sermon notes, service materials and Sunday School materials. We will post a prayer/response card for each member of your congregation. We’d love you to join us!

Here's what some people had to say about Adoption Sunday 2016:

Our Adoption Sunday 2016 service was tied in with praying for a little one about to meet her adoptive parents that week, a great way to show this in action!'

'Lovely to mark Adoption Sunday with our church family for the first time! Our eldest foster child put the prayer cards out on the seats, we showed the video and read the prayer. Our Assistant Pastor weaved fostering and adoption into a sermon on honouring your parents. A couple afterwards told us that they are planning on extending their family through fostering or adoption and we have invited them over for a meal so that we can chat more. Very excited and thankful for all that God is doing through Home for Good.'

'Our vicar this morning pitched Adoption Sunday brilliantly as we also had a christening. We prayed through scripture about being adopted to sonship, then had the christening ceremony with the children of the congregation gathered round. As the children returned to their families our vicar asked children to think about how they felt as the went back to sit with their families and how a child might feel if they didn't have a family to return to. She then explained about Home for Good's work and prayed for adopters, foster carers, vulnerable children, social workers and birth parents no longer able to care for their children. It was beautiful and so appropriate. I was very tearful by the end.'

'My church did Adoption Sunday before the kids went out to groups. We played the main video to a large congregation but you could hear a pin drop. I spoke of our story with our looked after child and used it as an opportunity to thank our church family for the continued support we receive from them. We used the prayer with responses as our intercessions. It was a powerful prayer which caught me off guard as I had to use HUGE pauses while I choked back tears. Great to be part of something bigger.'

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