Adoption Sunday

Sunday 4 November 2018

Adoption Sunday 2018 is Home for Good’s sixth year of producing resources that we hope will help churches across the UK to profile adoption and fostering in their church services.

Marking Adoption Sunday is an opportunity for the Church to celebrate our adoption into God’s family, to pray for vulnerable children in our nations, and to stand with families who foster and adopt in our communities.

Churches across the UK will want to take part in Adoption Sunday in different ways, depending on their congregation and context. For churches with foster carers, adoptive families, special guardians or kinship carers, Adoption Sunday might be an occasion to honour, encourage and support families in their membership or wider community. For some churches, learning about our adoption as Christians is a great reminder of the family into which we are welcomed, and a Sunday service like this may be a suitable opportunity to mark a dedication or baptism. For other churches that recognise the need in their local area, praying for children in care, and the families and professionals involved in their lives, is one way in which they can champion vulnerable children. 

Whatever approach suits your setting, we hope you will find some ideas and resources here to enable you to join with hundreds of churches around the UK this Adoption Sunday. Take part by signing up below, choosing a suitable short film to use, and praying with your church. For those who want to incorporate Adoption Sunday into more of their service, there are plenty of optional extras to choose from, including all-age and children’s activities, sermon notes, and ideas to use before and after your service.

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A home for good in Kent: Katy's story

Katy is only three but had known as many families in her short life. Thankfully, she now has her home for good.

Alex's story

Alex tells the story of fostering an unaccompanied Syrian boy.

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