Work with local authorities

With 9,000 additional foster families urgently needed in the UK, local authorities are looking for innovative solutions to recruit and retain foster carers.

Local authorities are increasingly realising the potential that exists within faith communities to recruit and support foster carers and adoptive families. Whether you are a social worker, recruitment officer, marketing manager or head of service, we are keen to explore creative ways that Home for Good could work with you to connect with churches in your area.

Home for Good is a charity that exists to inspire UK churches to encourage people to consider fostering or adoption, and to become welcoming and supportive places for families that do. We can help you connect to churches in your area.

Could we:

  • Work with your team as they develop a plan to connect with churches in your area?
  • Connect with churches in your area to dispel myths that might exist about fostering?
  • Provide training to ensure that assessing social workers understand the Christian faith so that they are better equipped to explore faith issues during the assessment process?
  • Tailor our national campaigns to ensure they meet your needs locally?
  • Work with you to employ an engagement worker to network with churches in your area to recruit foster carers?
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