Fostering an unaccompanied minor

The last five years have seen a significant increase in the number of unaccompanied children leaving their homes and claiming asylum in the UK because of war, persecution, or lack of safety in their country of birth. Due to the ongoing crisis in Syria and violence in the Middle East and North Africa, the UK Government has been working with a number of organisations and agencies to welcome refugee children. The majority of the children currently arriving in the UK and claiming asylum are teenage boys, and are primarily from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Albania, Iran, and Iraq.

Home for Good's vision is a home for every child who needs one in the UK. We want to ensure that when unaccompanied asylum seeeking children arrive, they are welcomed into a stable and loving home.  We have been privileged to have been to be involved in some of the discussions in Government, particularly around the increased need for foster carers who are ready to welcome an unaccompanied asylum seeking child into their home. 

Since the launch of our campaign in September 2015, we have seen more than 13,000 individuals register their interest in becoming a foster carer for an unaccompanied asylum seeking child. We are now able to link those interested with local authorities and agencies across the country, as they begin to assess potential foster carers to meet this particular need. 

We will continue to work with local and national Government as these schemes are further developed and rolled outwith the aim of finding as many foster carers as possible who are ready to welcome an unaccompanied asylum seeking child into their home.

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