Why Home for Good?

Home for Good was founded by three well-respected Christian organisations in March 2013 and launched as an independent charity in September 2014. Our vision is a home for every child who needs one. We believe that our extensive network of churches is ideally placed to meet this need.

Churches are good at finding foster carers, and also at supporting them. Carpenters are stepping forward to ensure that homes are in order for looked after children to live. When a car seat, stair gate, or toys are urgently needed, a quick message to a church network will often deliver within a matter of hours. When parents are called away to take care of an emergency for a foster child, people are volunteering to pick up birth children from football practice, or look after them for a few hours.

Councils are increasingly recognising that faith communities could be a great source of foster carers, but find it difficult to engage with churches in their area. However, as a well-known church-based initiative, Home for Good can effectively build a bridge between your fostering team and local churches. 

Our activities aim to engage Christians in finding homes for vulnerable children, and in supporting families that foster and adopt. Our network of individuals and churches is rapidly growing, and we are committed to inspiring, equipping and coordinating them as they profile the needs of vulnerable children and their families.

  • We raise awareness at Christian festivals, church leader conferences and church services, making sure that vulnerable children are on the Church’s agenda and myths surround adoption and fostering are dispelled.
  • We produce inspirational resources for churches to use on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Adoption Sunday.
  • We encourage churches to stand with families that foster and adopt through our network of Home for Good churches. 
  • We run local campaigns with groups of churches and local authorities in towns and cities throughout the UK to find families for local children.
Work with us Faith literacy training

Carl and Caren's story

Carl and Caren can see God working through their whole family through fostering.

The Wrights

Charles and Jolanda both grew up in big families and as such always envisaged starting their own soon after they were married.

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