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London has seen a gradual growth in Home for Good activity over the last year. Home for Good has partnered with local authorities and Trusts to run fostering recruitment campaigns.  We are currently working with Kingston and Richmond (Achieving for Children).  PACT is one of our Pathway to Adoption partners and covers the whole of London. PACT has partnered with us since our the launch of our Pathway to Adoption in 2014.  

Home for Good has been actively working in the London region, meeting with churches and champions. Our champion network includes individuals as well as groups, all working tirelessly to put fostering and adoption on the Church’s agenda. There are a number of Home for Good churches across London, across a range of denominations, and we regularly run information events and borough-specific gatherings.

Key contacts

  • Jessica Rodewald

    Jessica Rodewald

    Regional Manager (London)

    Jessica's past experience includes working with churches as well as working directly with children and their families in various contexts. Her passion is for children to be loved and acknowledged for their importance, and to enable others to become passionate about it too! Jessica oversees all our regional work in London, coordinating champions, churches and events in the region.

  • Billy-Jo O'Leary

    Billy-Jo O'Leary

    Project Coordinator: Kent

    Billy-Jo is a Licensed Lay Minister (LLM) with the Rochester Diocese and has extensive experience of working with young people, families and social care systems. Billy-Jo is passionate about the positive impact that fostering and adoption can have on vulnerable young people and the church's call in helping them reach their full potential.

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