Finding homes for children in Bristol

We're working with Bristol City Council to help find foster carers for vulnerable children across Bristol. Find out the latest needs below.

Fostering needs in Bristol

Please will you show this video in your church to help us raise awareness of the need across Bristol?

We've also created an information pack which further highlights our vision in finding homes for vulnerable children in Bristol.

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There is a shortage of foster carers in Bristol.

We believe that the church community is ideally placed to meet this need. In 2020 we want to find 30 new foster homes from amongst the church communities in Bristol, to see children in foster care thrive.


Bristol is having to place a growing number of children further away from the city due to lack of foster placements locally, increasing the likelihood that they will have to move schools and travel further to see family and friends, causing even more disruption and difficulty at a time when they need consistency and support.

We want to see this change – and we believe that the church in Bristol is able to make that happen.

Stu Dendy - Bristol Coordinator

Stu is working specifically in and around Bristol City in the South West, partnering with our amazing Champions and developing old and new connections with the nearly three hundred churches in the area. Stu is keen to build relationships with leaders within all denominations and also keen to support the Bristol County Council, through the church, helping families to care for vulnerable children by fostering and adopting. Stu and his wife Sarah have just returned from eleven years living and working in Uganda, supporting a children’s ministry. They have four lively young children, three of whom were adopted in 2019.

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