Thoughts of a foster carer: Placement disruption

A friend of Home for Good shares honestly and with great courage about the pain and challenge of placement disruption.

15 ways the Church can support foster and adoptive families through challenges and disruption

Fifteen practical suggestions for providing families with the support they need through challenging times.

Looking suffering in the eye

Lucy shares from personal experience and Biblical reflection about how suffering is a part of adoption.

What the Church needs to know about single adopters

A growing number of those sensing God's call to adopt are single, so here are some thoughts from single adopters so we can better understand and support each one.

Blog: All the single carers, put your hands up!

Julie shares from her experiences as a single foster carer.

Not on my watch: Father's Day 2018

Krish Kandiah offers an inspirational call to men for Father's Day 2018.

How to stay calm in the chaos

Five tips from foster carers for holding on in the midst of the chaotic and unplanned moments.

Preparing birth children for an adopted sibling

Lucy shares some practical tips from her personal experience of adopting after having birth children.

Everyone has a role. So what's mine?

Julie reflects on the role that the Church can have in the lives of vulnerable children.

What the Church needs to know about trauma

Helping us to understand that all children in care or with a care background have experienced trauma, and how we can respond to support them.

York families respond to God's heart for young refugees

The extraordinary story of families in York responding to God's call to open their hearts and homes to young refugees.

Ten ways to pray for new adoptive families

Ten ways to pray for new adoptive families during their introductions and early days together.


Caroline's Story

Caroline and her husband decided to adopt after an Adoption Sunday at their church.

Responding to the need: Kevin's story

Kevin shares his story of responding to the need for foster carers in his area.

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