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Since Home for Good was launched as a campaign in 2013, there has been a group of passionate people connected with Home for Good in Scotland. Our Scotland Lead took up post in February 2017 and has been looking to develop and increase Home for Good activity across Scotland, by gathering people together at vision events and promoting Home for Good in churches.

The champion network in Scotland is growing; churches are engaging with the Home for Good vision and some have become Home for Good churches. People thinking about fostering and adoption are being linked with our champions, and we are encouraging people to come together to discuss and decide how support groups can help them.

We are building partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders to better understand the specific needs of looked after children in Scotland, and how the local church can play its part in helping to find a home for every child who needs one.

We are starting to work closely with three voluntary adoption agencies in Scotland: with Scottish Adoption and St Andrew’s Children’s Society in Edinburgh, and with St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society in Glasgow. We are also establishing a Pathway to Adoption in Scotland with these agencies. In terms of fostering, we have recently started working with Dean and Cauvin Trust, which provides a fostering service specifically for teenagers called ROOM4U.

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