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The North West has a broad and busy amount of Home for Good activity. Adoption Matters is one of our Pathway to Adoption partners and covers the whole region, and beyond. They have been partnering with us since our Pathway to Adoption began.

The North West also has two official Home for Good local movements, and a number of active groups passionate about recruitment of foster carers and adopters, and peer led support.

Our regional manager has been working in the region since September 2014, meeting with churches and champions.  Our champion network includes individuals as well as groups, all working tirelessly to put fostering and adoption on the Church’s agenda. There are a number of Home for Good churches across the North West, and across a range of denominations, and we have held a number of regular information events across the region, as well as specific city and town-wide gatherings.  

Key contact

  • Jennifer Yates

    Jennifer Yates

    Head of Regional Development / Regional Manager (North West)

    Jen joined Home for Good in 2014. Jen is a long term foster carer and oversees all our Regional Managers and the development of our Regional work, as well as coordinating the North West champions, churches and local movements.

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